Music Industry

Music Industry

Our range of IEMs offer the perfect solution for musicians and music lovers alike with a sound quality second to none.

In our range, we have all of the ACS products which are made from soft medical-grade silicone, so as well as fitting perfectly they are incredibly comfortable IEMs.

All ACS IEMs proudly feature state-of-the-art Knowles© balanced armature drivers and our own proprietary crossovers to ensure you are hearing the music as it was intended to be heard together with pro-audio reliability and performance.

Below you can browse the different types of hearing protection we offer.

The Pro Series Hearing Protection is custom made to the individual & is designed to cover a wide range of environments, whilst the ‘Universal Fit’ range gives you off-the-shelf protection.

For replacement earplug filters please visit the Accessories page.

NOTE: The cost having your impressions taken is included in the purchase price.Contact us to make an appointment, we have locations for the ear impression taking service throughout the UK.